July 20, 2011

Did you know that the first real “fast food” was introduced at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904-----hot dogs and ice cream cones that could be eaten as fairgoers walked around.  My…..how we have progressed!  Now we have healthy (?)  trans-fat free food.  There is no end to what can be “battered and deep fried”.    The treats you have in store for you this year at the 2011 Indiana State Fair, along with the list of cookies, candy bars and elephant ears, are:  deep fried Kool-Aid, ice cream burger, French toast hamburger and deep fried Klondike bars.  Somehow Cap’n Crunch gets included in all those delectable dishes!  Take a look at the following which MIGHT make you think twice before indulging:

FrIed Bloomin’ Onion        1320                     4 hrs. 25 minutes or 13.25 miles
Caramel Apple                     298                      1 hr. 25 minutes or 3.0 miles
Cinnamon Roll                   730                      2 hrs. 25 minutes or 7.25 miles
Deep Fried Twinkie           420                      1 hr. 25 minutes or 4.25 miles
Deep Fried Oreo                  98 ea.                20 minutes or 1 mile
Deep Fried Snickers          444                      1 hrs. 30 minutes or 4.5 miles
Funnel Cake                       760                      2 hrs. 50 minutes or 8.5 miles      
Kettle Corn                         490                      1 hr. 40 minutes or 5 miles  

Since the fair only happens once a year, you can go and enjoy your favorite foods without expanding your waistline, IF YOU PLAN AHEAD.  Just a couple suggestions: 

*For a few days leading up to the fair, eat healthy (lower amounts of high fat foods and sugary foods).  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
*Stay well hydrated.
*Exercise at least as much, or more, than you normally do.  Remember 1 pound = 3,500 calories.
*Share your favorite foods with family member or friend.  Remember, sharing your food=sharing your calories.
*Don’t drink that large (32 oz.) soda.  Drink water.  A large soda contains approximately 400 calories and the equivalent of 25 teaspoons of sugar.

Now, with all those warnings, click on State Fair to get a coupon for ½ off the the price of admission on August 17th.  EAT AND ENJOY THE FAIR!

OH.......and don't forget if you or someone you knows still needs to buy or sell real estate this summer, call me,  I'll call you back between bites of twinkie. :)


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