October 11, 2011


 I know that this is hard to believe, but just today I was talking with a past client and realized that so many past, present and future customers and clients don't really understand what my job involves!   But more important than that, it's what I can do for them or you.  It's taken me 30+ years to learn this even though I have the lapel pin that reads "Let Me Tell You How I Work!  (Guess I should have not put that in a drawer!)  When talking with Steve Savmidollars I learned his parents were going to move here to be closer to their darling granddaughter Sally Sunshine Savmidollars.  I also learned they also had an appointment with Nellie Nubuild to build a brand new home.  Oh I can help them, says I, and was told they had already set everything up.  Dismayed I said, but did you know that they have no representation if something goes wrong?  Did you know that it won't cost them one iota (Steve Savmidollars knows this money lingo) to have me there with them?  Ah, but they have already done it, says he.  Oh, I said wistfully, I wish I had known.  I helped Henry and Harriet Homeowner get granite countertops that they didn't expect, plus get their home finished by the time they had their annual Homeowner Hoedown so it wouldn't have to be in a tent.  But, woe is me, I was too late to help the Senior Savmidollars.  So, being the quick study that I am (note the 30 years) I decided I should take that advice I was given many years ago and  actually tell you how I work!  Here goes.....the top 10......
1.  I can objectively evaluate your home and  list it for sale and guide you to a successful closing.
2.  I can objectively evaluate and  list the homes of your family, friends and enemies if you so kindly refer them to me.
3.  I can refer any friends, family or enemies to a qualified real estate agent in other areas. (Just in case you want them close or far away!)
4.  I can measure, market, stage, photograph and video the home to make sure every nook and cranny is shown to it's utmost potential. (and not show those not too great bloopers)
5.  I can help you find your new home.  I can drive endlessly searching for the perfect home and when I get lost use that time to show you the neighborhood,  That includes building a new home too!  No matter where!
6.  I can provide market research to assist you in making a wise buying decision and walk you thru all steps of the process thru closing.
7.  I can be depended upon to assist you after closing (no running away on my part!)
8.  I can research facts and figures on values if you ever are just curious about the worth of your property or some other property.
9.  I can recommend home improvements that will enhance your property or add value.
10.  I can recommend home repair and cost saving services.
11. I can arrange for Santa to visit your house before Christmas. (only if you have been good) This is a bonus service!

The list is endless and only limited by not asking me questions. 

So, the moral of this story is that perhaps now Steve Savmidollars will know to call me for any and all real estate needs.  And if you are ill, bored, stuck at home or the office and you happen to read this in its entirety, you'll know what I do.  Since I don't send out recipes,  you will also know that I don't cook, but I do help anyone who breaths with real estate needs.  (catchy phrase, huh).

Looking forward to being here for you and yours!


Patty, the Realtor
Email:  patty@pattymorton.com

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