December 19, 2012

FORGET THOSE DIETS!!! A "NEW" Idea for a New Year's Resolution.

Here's a great article from one of my favorite sites:  Houzz Call: What's Your New Year's Resolution for the House?  January 1 provides us with a proverbial blank slate, but it often brings an accompanying sense of dread. It's time for New Year's resolutions, but instead of dealing with yet another diet or expensive gym membership, bring your resolutions home this year. Committing to improving your house (and we're not just talking about decluttering) could drastically improve your quality of life.

Maybe you just want to enjoy your home more and feel truly happy in it. That could mean finally choosing a new color for the living room.
Is peace of mind high on your list? Something as simple as getting a new key rack to keep your house keys in the same spot could cut down on stress. Or maybe you want to make sure you have a safer home this year. Installing new smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and updating your disaster kit might be good ways to start. 
Finances are often a big area of overhaul in a new year — how will you make yours work for your home? For some, it will mean taking advantage of rebates; for others it will mean turning down the water heater a notch and taking ecofriendly considerations into account.  Of course, there's the nonresolution route as well. Deciding not to do something can
be as effective as doing something. Maybe it's deciding not to spend any more money on your living room, or making a conscious choice to not worry about the little things, and letting the house get a little messy during the week. It could just be a matter of sitting back, relaxing and cutting your home (and yourself!) a little slack.

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