June 5, 2009

’09 Property Tax Bills are Coming!

The Marion County taxes have been certified. Tax bills are scheduled to be mailed out on June 12th with a due date of July 9th. Your tax liability will be available for review on June 12th on the Marion County Treasurer’s website.

Accompanying the newly formatted bill will be a new state-required form which provides a comparison of taxes between the prior and current cycle. If you believe your assessed value is too high, you can appeal the value. Most appeals are filed with the Marion County Assessor, but it is recommended that you talk with your Township Assessor before filing an appeal. The local Township assessor may be able to answer questions that will help you determine whether an appeal is appropriate. You can find contact information to your local assessor under FAQ’s (under property taxes tab) on the above website.

Most tax bills will be mailed to your mortgage servicer to be paid out of your escrow account. If you are one of the many people affected by a negative escrow balance due to the property tax issue, be sure to contact your mortgage lender and request that your escrow account be analyzed.
Hopefully this will bring us a step closer to figuring out tax escrows at closing real estate transactions. If I can answer any questions for you, please give me a call. We can be confused together!

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