April 19, 2010

A SIGN OF THE TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS??????  A search engine that has been created for the 50+ crowd.  It's called Good50.com, but it really has good features for all the family.  Check out the information from the Good50 website below.

 Good50 is Health-Friendly.  Designed with the public's health in mind, Good50 has pre-set the search box to a larger size and gives the option to adjust to a larger font in the search results. These features of Good50 will reduce eye strain and help to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Some possible symptoms of CVS include headaches, dry and/or red eyes, fatigue, double vision, and neck or back pain.

Large Search Box. When typing in a search term, you can strain your eyes trying to distinguish between similar looking letters and symbols, but with a larger search box, it's no problem. Here's an example:
On-screen Zoom.  Good50's on-screen zoom feature lets you enlarge the view of your search result for enhanced readability. This feature is particularly useful for older adults and senior citizens, or people with low vision. Currently, our on-screen zoom feature for the search result works well with Internet Explorer only. Users of Firefox and Chrome are advised to use the keyboard short cut, Ctrl+ and Ctrl- to zoom in and zoom out.

 Good50 has Fewer Ads.  Many search engines have text-link ads (Sponsors) at the top of the results, which is where the most relevant results are to be displayed. Most of the time, because the label marking the text-ads as ads is inconspicuous, and the background surrounding the ads is very faint, separating organic results from the text-link ads can be difficult. Also, the format in which the text ads are displayed is very similar to the format of the true results. We believe all these factors can mislead and confuse the user.

Therefore, we have eliminated all text-link ads from the top. The user still has a choice in viewing ads, but the ads are clearly marked off on the side. We believe sometimes "seeing less is seeing more!

 Good50 is Family-Friendly.  Good50 displays search results with SafeSearch on. Sites and web pages containing adult themed and explicit content are excluded from web search results.
Good50 is for a Good Cause.  For every 50 visits, Good50 donates 5¢ to the charity of the month. This can really add up! Visit their website to see how that work!

Good50 has a Low-Vision Version.  We have a high contrast version for people with low vision. This option can also help save energy on a CRT monitor as a black background takes less energy to display than a white one. So, why not Go Green!

 Good50 is Powered by Google™.  Because Good50 is powered by Google technology, you will see high quality search results, the same as you would with Google, but in a different format.

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