May 25, 2010


In case you missed it, those of you in Marion County, there was a PINK SLIP enclosed with your notification of your new assessment.  The assessors are trying to verify Homestead Exemptions.  You don't want to miss out on that!!!!  Go to this site to learn more:  PINK SLIP  If you live in a county adjacent to Marion County, you, too, will want to verifiy that the exemption has been filed.  It could save you THOUSANDS.    Call your local county assessor to check it out.

THE SECRET TO MY GREEN THUMB!!!!  I know you all have your cell phone stories on why you "didn't get your call".  I think this one might top them all.  I purchased a new butterfly bush from Habig's Garden Center (always try to buy local).  I rushed home and planted it in the perfect spot eager for the butterflies to start discovering it.  (Okay, it's also so my cats will have something to chase).  Three hours later and after 50 phone calls from my son, I discovered my cell phone had been "planted" six inches under the dirt!  Maybe that butterfly bush will be able to "call" the butterflies to come to dinner!

My newest favorite book "Grandpa's 5001 Handyman Secrets and its AS SEEN ON TV!  Here's a good one:  To loosen a joint (on wood) apply vinegar.  Just fill a small oilcan (we all still have those around!) with white vinegar and apply it liberlly to the joints.  Wish that would work on my bone joints!  Stay tuned for more next month!

REMEMBER!  There is life after the Tax Stimulus.  Rates are at an all time low and the prices are still down.  Don't hesitate if you have been thinking of buying a home.  CALL ME!  317.558.7804
Still the same great service, just a new name:  Prudential-Indiana Realty Group.

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