September 12, 2012


If you missed it last year, it’s back!  The 2nd annual “Tour de Coops” to be held 9/16/2012, from 1-6 p.m.

To be held thruout  the Broad Ripple, Meridian-Kessler, Butler-Tarkington and Rocky Ripple neighborhoods.
The  "Tour de Coops", presented by Nap Town Chickens is an “open tour” that can be taken by car or by bicycle (with racks for parking bikes).  There will be 12 show coops to tour and talk with the owners.
The Tour de Coops starts at  440 E. 57th Street, Indianapolis, 46220.  You can click on this link  NAPTOWN CHICKENS  to get all the details and facts.  This is a NOT TO BE MISSED event!   And a portion of the proceeds will benefit the’ Project Poultry program.

If chickens don’t cluck with you, how about the fourth annual Hoosier Outdoor Experience at Indianapolis’ Fort Harrison State Park. The free event is Sept. 15-16.  This event is sponsored by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to introduce people to outdoor activities they may have never tried.  To find out more just click on Hoosier Outdoor Experience and try something new and outdoors!

OOOOOOR, it's always a great idea to check out what houses I have for sale.  I can give you a personally guided tour thru any home that is for sale in the city.   

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